What a breath of fresh air! Very personal treatment and the staff makes physical therapy fun. I had a knee replacement and everyone was surprised at how quickly I progressed. This was due to my therapist and his staff. It was calming and not hurried, each patient is special. I recommend Cornerstone to everyone in need of physical therapy!

Sally Suberati

Following knee replacement surgery I experienced some complications. I was hospitalized on total bed rest for 6 weeks. By the time I could begin therapy, scar tissue had formed and I was barely able to move the knee. My surgeon recommended Cornerstone Physical Therapy because they provided a one to one approach with treating patients.  The support and encouragement I received from the staff was incredible. They tailored my treatment and patiently until after just 6 weeks of therapy I had full range of motion! Their philosophy of one to one treatment is very different from the standardized gymnasium approach and it really works! I give complete credit for my recovery to these very professional and caring therapists. I highly recommend Cornerstone to anyone requiring physical therapy


This past January I had rotator cuff surgery. My surgeon recommended Cornerstone Physical Therapy and I am sure glad he did. Dr. David and staff worked with me to help meet my goals, especially to return to swimming. They were very flexible with my schedule and provided me with a exercises that I could do after my treatment was finished. I would highly recommend Cornerstone Physical Therapy to anyone. Their people really make a difference!

Ron Harris

Knee surgery is no walk in the park, but having the best therapist makes the journey bearable. The minute I hobbled through the door, I felt at home. Dr. David Stallings and his professional staff worked with me one on one, which made a big difference! I am now back on the golf course! Thank you Cornerstone

Raul Rubalcava

Prior to utilizing Cornerstone Physical Therapy, I had experienced mixed results from various physical therapy clinics for multiple issues in my spine and knee over several years both up north and here in the Lowcountry. My surgeon recommended Cornerstone Physical Therapy. I was in a great deal of pain, and although I went with some trepidation, I was on the path to recovery with just the first session. Their hands on; one to one approach to therapy worked miracles for me, as it has for one of my friends whom I recommended. 

I have had many therapy sessions in the past where the therapist would start me on an exercise, then leave me. Cornerstone does not apply therapy in this manner. They stay with you, encourage you to work hard, and praise you for a job well done. They made it a pleasure to work with them to achieve my goals. The staff is well educated, courteous, and caring. I’m happy to say that I am up and around an doing the things I enjoy without pain, thanks to Cornerstone!


True One on One Physical Therapy

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